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A Granddaughter for Cindy Simpson-Clark!
April 20, 2006
Cindy proudly announces the birth of granddaughter Kaci Carmeline Kennedy on April 20, 2006. Kaci is the daughter of Angie and Steve Kennedy of Mapleton. Congratulations!

Lisa Brigman is a "Grammy"!
March 31, 2005
Lisa's daughter Missy had a baby at 9:06 pm on 3\31\05 she weighed 6lbs 11oz. The new grandbaby's name is Mckenna Sophia Valenza (now that's a lot of A's).

Mary Cyr has a New Baby Boy!
July 09, 2003
Mary and her husband Michael had a baby boy, Akira Michael, on July 9, 2003, Aunt Rosemary informs us that they are moving so that they will be closer to her! Congratulations Mary, Mike and Big Sister, Emma!

Aaron Nelson Passed Away
June 09, 2003
Mr. Aaron Nelson, our High School principal, passed away at the age of 75. He became principal of the High School in 1977, just as we were arriving on the scene. Four years of our class didn't stop him, and he continued as principal until 1991.

Richard Kenison Passed Away
September 09, 2002
Mr. Richard Kenison, our PIHS music teacher, passed away at the age of 63 after a 30 year battle with sarcoidosis. He was the instrument music director in Presque Isle from 1962 to 1984. (obituary)

Sherri Neece (Johnston) celebrates her 1st year wedding anniversary with Calvin Johnston!
June 08, 2002
Congratulations Sherry and Calvin - from her daughter, Shauna age 17... *Peace*

Cheryl Roix-DeMerchant had a Baby!
February 25, 2002
Cheryl Roix-DeMerchant and her husband, Lee DeMerchant had a baby girl (Sarah Hope) on February 25th. Congratulations Cheryl, Lee and Big Brother Isaac!

Danny Lainey Has A New Baby!
December 15, 2001
Danny and Jennifer Lainey had another son (3rd) on December 15, 2001 at Maine Medical Center in Portland. His name is Jason Andrew. Congratulations Danny and Jennifer!

Merle Smith Passed Away
December 01, 2001
Merle F. Smith, 80, died Dec. 1, 2001. He taught junior high school in Washburn and Cunningham School in Presque Isle for a total of 37 years, retiring in 1982. Our class remembers him well as the 7th grade social studies teacher at Cunningham middle school.

Lisa Brigman is a Grandmother:
November 01, 2001
Lisa's son Joey had a baby boy - Brandon 5 lbs 9 oz. Congratulations Lisa and Joey!!!

Ms. Dingwall Passed Away
August 12, 2001
Ms. Dorothy Dingwall, one of our beloved history teachers, passed away on Sunday, August 12. She had retired after our senior year (did our class cause her to give up on teaching?). She was 89 years old.

20th Reunion
July 14, 2001
The twentieth reunion was a great success! 78 classmates attended along with 62 guests (see a list). Friday night was an informal party at the Snowmobile Club. Quite a crowd showed up, staying late into the night. Laurie Archer-Simmons won the 50/50 raffle. It was quite a challenge for some to remember the old faces, but we made it through. On Saturday, some family time was enjoyed at Arnold Brook Lake. Although it was far from the big loud crowd of Friday night, the kids had a great time. Catching leeches and crayfish was the big highlight for them. Of course Saturday night at the Country Club had an excellent turnout, and everyone looked fabulous. The place was great, the band was great, the food was great - you couldn't ask for more! The usual awards were presented - and the winners were:
  • Traveled the Furthest: Ed Chambers (Stone Mountain, Georgia)
  • Youngest Child: Lynn Barton (3 months)
  • Oldest Child: Laurie Archer-Simmons (23 years)
  • Most Children: Laurie Archer-Simmons (6)
  • Married Longest: Linda Day-Otis (20 years)
  • Most Recently Married: Lisa Hagerman-Brittain
  • Male Changed the Least: Tom Raymond
  • Female Changed the Least: Mary and Rosemary Cyr
  • Male Changed the Most: Dave Carlow
  • Female Changed the Most: Karen Bustard-Crandall
By the way, you had to be present to receive an award - sorry DeeDee (who traveled from Seattle), and any others who missed out.
Check out the Photo Album to see pictures from the weekend and order your copy of the reunion photo! Thanks to everyone for a great time, and see you in five years!

Ian Serrano had a Baby!
July 12, 2001
Ian Serrano had a baby girl (Gracie) on July 12th. Congratulations Ian!

Ted Stone had a Baby!
May 31, 2001
Ted Stone had a baby boy (Zachary) in May. We haven't heard much from him since. He must be keeping busy! Congratulations Ted!

Lynn Barton-Jandreau had a Baby!
April 18, 2001
Lynn Barton-Jandreau had a baby (Erin) on April 18th. Congratulations Lynn!

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